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North Scottsdale Acupuncture

10900 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 106, Scottsdale AZ 85254, 480-389-9030

Why Choose Us 

North Scottsdale Acupuncture is an Acupuncture & Chinese medicine clinic specializing in back pain, neck pain, and sport injury pain,  women’s gynecological issues, tension headaches & migraines, and digestive issues. We offer customized care encompassing lifestyle, wellness therapies, and prevention as well as treatment of acute issues. We also provide alternative facial rejuvenation therapies including cosmetic acupuncture, micro-needling, micro-current facials and more.

Our clinic conveniently provides multiple modalities of alternative medicine in one location. For more information, see our testimonials below, give us a call, or send an email from the Contact page. 


Awesome Experience

I had been suffering from a herniated L4 disk for weeks. The pain and discomfort were unbearable. I had been unable to work for almost two months prior to seeing Nancy at North Scottsdale Acupuncture. Her level of professionalism, bedside manner, and quality of treatment was amazing. The following day I was able to go back to work. Thank you Nancy, you are my hero.

~ John C.

Director of High Fives, Apple

Absolutely Amazing!!

Having suffered headaches daily a friend recommend I give Nancy a try. I had never received an acupuncture treatment before and was not quite sure what to expect. Nancy was so reassuring that I felt comfortable immediately. These days I rarely get headaches and continue to get treatments when needed for sinus infections, allergies, etc.. Nancy is Absolutely Amazing!! My fiance has also sought out Nancy for his chronic pain. Being an avid golfer he now has more mobility in his game, without pain.

~ Robin C.

Tess Timonial

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Concerned and Caring

Before trying acupuncture, I had two cortisone injections in my elbow which gave only temporary relief and were very painful. A friend had recommended that I try acupuncture. I was fortunate to have chosen Nancy. She understood my situation and with concern and a caring attitude she went to work. I am now pain free and grateful for her expertise and patience. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends.

~ Doug W.

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

Our Team

We love building products for you

Nancy Brem MS OM, L Ac.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Herablist

     In 1995, Nancy began the study of Kung Fu at The Academy of Southern Chinese Gung Fu in Holland, NY. The curriculum included the study of acupuncture meridians and the traditional lifestyle of the Chinese martial artist. 

     In the 1990’s , while in college and studying martial arts in New York, Nancy worked in a health food store where she learned about healthful lifestyle choices, supplements and herbal remedies. This inspired her interest in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Nancy comes from a Western-trained medical family, and her mother was a strongly curious about natural remedies, health food, and herbal medicine. These influences created the foundation for a dedicated career in healthcare, which led her to enroll in the Acupuncture program at the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) in 2003.

     Upon relocating to Arizona, Nancy earned her Master of Education from the University of Phoenix, and she served the community as a teacher while pursuing her study of Acupuncture at PIHMA. Upon entering the PIHMA program, she became profoundly ill and was diagnosed with a debilitating digestive disorder called Crohn’s disease. Contrary to the medical advice that she was receiving, she opted to use Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to heal. With in 18 months Nancy was symptom-free, pain-free, and to this day she remains completely free from Crohn’s disease.

     In addition to gaining skill in treating digestive issues from her personal experience, Nancy chose to study endometriosis for her master’s thesis. She wanted to specialize in something that would help women who cannot find much relief elsewhere. Since that time, Nancy has helped many women get their lives back from the grip of severe menstrual pain.

     While on the road to wellness, eating healthy foods and making balanced lifestyle choices contributed greatly to affecting a cure from something like inflammatory bowel disease. Nancy practices meditation, qi gong, and she eats home-grown fruits and vegetables from her own garden whenever possible.