Tower Garden: A More Convenient Way To Garden

Gardening is simply the healthiest thing you can do and, as the quality of conventional produce continues to decline, it is becoming a necessity. Gardening gives you the power to gain independence and eco-friendly lifestyle by growing your own food. An essential part of healthy living is having fresh, living food right outside your kitchen. This is a human tradition that goes back for centuries. Not only is gardening great for your health, but you get to enjoy the great pleasure of watching nature perform its miracles every day…

Learn more about getting started with a Tower Garden at your home!

Gardening is so awesome!

It is a great joy to watch a garden grow. Gardening in Phoenix is different than in other parts of the country but we can grow ALL YEAR LONG! Getting started is the hardest part. Here are some suggestions for easy ways to get started. The biggest challenge for gardening in Phoenix really is pest control. The planting calendars available online suggest that you plant certain things outside of the pest window (cucumbers and white fly season, for example). I have found that the Tower Garden is not susceptible to those same pests that are common with soil gardens, even during the white fly season! If you do not want to deal with soil at all consider the Tower Garden.

The Tower Garden

Standing Raised Garden Beds

These raised beds are situated in the SW corner of my property. The sun screen attached the bed and hanging over block out the excessive rays while providing 10 -12 hours of sun. These beds come from Home Depot and cost about $70 each. They need to be sealed with Deck Sealer or Marine Waterproofing sealer and they will last for years. I added casters on the legs so I can move them easily. This option is great for gardeners who do not want to bed or crouch because of joints or back issues. They also create a beautiful view.

Raised beds in the ground

If you are fit and you are not afraid to grow lots of vegetables. These raised beds are awesome. I am growing corn, sunflowers, cucumbers, pumpkins, flowers for tea, tons of beans and probably way too much zucchini.  These plants will reach window height and provide shade and beauty to the kitchen.

Learn more about getting started with a Tower Garden at your home!



May 2015 in Nancy’s Garden

The garden is looking great! Just replanted the tower garden, after completely cleaning it out and starting over. I discovered that the first time I set it up that I did not use nearly enough minerals, so I will update you when we see the results. I can already tell you it has made an amazing difference. In the raised boxes, I am trying out a new method of trellising beans and cucumbers. The cucumbers are starting, and we are enjoying lots of fresh basil, radishes, baby bok choi and lettuce from the tower garden. Yay Spring!!

These are the beans, climbing their way to heaven.

These are the beans, climbing their way to heaven.

Next to the tower garden is where the beans and basil live now.

Next to the tower garden is where the beans and basil live now.







Hope Grows Garden (at Scottsdale Community Garden Club)

Our friend Kim Melillo wants you to know about Hope Grows Garden, at the Scottsdale Community Garden Club. She created this garden as a healing process for herself and family and it has blossomed into an invitation for anyone to join. She has clubs using the garden like: Hope Kids Garden Club, Girl Scouts, and Lady’s Garden Club. She welcomes groups and individuals to join in the gardening or use the garden as a place to meet, organize a group outing, or just get the kids involved. It is super easy to set up access to the garden and it is such a great opportunity to share in the great joy that gardening brings without the full-time commitment. The garden is located south of Jackrabbit, east of Highway 101. She recently brought us a basket of organic vegetables including artichokes, beans, and a zucchini the size of a small child!


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