Summer Diet & Garden Update

As you all know, I am a gardener. My small urban garden is essential as it is the canvas for my process of growth and understanding. Diet is the aspect of our lifestyle that has the greatest impact on our health and the garden provides the clues about what we should be eating at any given time.


Beyond eating out of season, which we all do sometimes, there are many dieting fads circulating right now. For every research article you find that promotes one type of eating there is another article that completely contradicts it. When in doubt, I always return to the enduring and truly ancient Chinese medicine principles of balance, moderation, and harmony with the cycles of nature.

Chinese medicine has its roots in Taoism. Taoism is about living our lives respective of the ways and laws of the natural world. We modify our behavior to harmonize ourselves with the natural cycles of change that occur around us. We also consider the impact of our choices on the whole. The main changes we are looking at are the change212 of seasons, stages of life, and states of health.

The whole process is completely logical. In summer, living in a very hot and dry climate, we want to eat the foods that balance these extremes. If we want to be in harmonious balance with nature right now we should be eating foods in season, lots of juicy fresh fruits and vegetables, mostly raw foods, or lightly cooked foods through steaming or quick sauté. Avoid dry and baked foods in summer.

Right now the spring garden is being harvested, tomatoes, beans, tons of basil, zucchini, cucumbers, and mint. Growing forward, the only things that you can plant in June is Armenian or Asian cucumbers and  melons, well okay, okra but even I can’t go that far….

Anyway, Happy June Everyone!