Garden Update

It is time to plan the Autumn garden. There are so many things you can grow even in pots on your patio. This year is supposed to be an El Nino year so it may be the best opportunity to have an easy garden, that gets plenty of water. You can also purchase a simple irrigation kit from Home Depot that hooks right up to a hose bib and is a cinch to put together.

212If you plant in pots, I recommend that you plant shallow rooted greens and lettuces. These are so easy to plant and maintain, especially for a new gardener.

This year I am doing something new. I placed my standing boxes inside of a small raised bed so that the drainage from the standing gardens would water the flats below. The shade proved by the standing boxes helps the gardens below, especially for delicate salad greens.

In the standing gardens I am growing cucumbers and peas which will climb up the pea trellis (cucumbers need a little help), and this will save space as well as present a beautiful wall of vegetation that I can see from the kitchen doors everyday. It takes time to work out what vegetables can be grown in a given space but this garden proves that you can have a garden just about anywhere, if you have enough determination and creative spirit. I will update with a photo when the season is in full bloom but, for example, you can see below how the pea trellis worked with these Morning Glories.

Enjoy your gardens!