Emotions and Physical Health


We are human because we have hearts and souls. We encounter the challenges we have in life because we are meant to learn life lessons and grow from these challenges. Chinese medicine recognizes and honors this fact. Our diagnosis and treatment approach allows us to see what is going on both in the physical and emotional/spiritual levels. Nothing ever happens in the one that doesn’t happen in the other. And we all now know–due to Einstein and his colleagues–that energy and matter are one and the same.

It is well known that people will often have emotions and memories tucked away into some physical tissue somewhere in their body, with the memories and feelings coming to consciousness when that part of the body is properly worked on and freed up. Sometimes when people are going through a detoxification process, they will re-experience the emotions they were having when they ingested some substance which is now coming out of them.

Chinese medicine understands which emotions resonate with which parts of the body, and with which organs and acupuncture channels. Thus, we practitioners know which emotional roots to a condition are in play according to which channels, organs, and body parts are affected. And the emotions which come up in taking the history and in treatment invariably correspond accordingly. And there are always emotional causative factors involved, no matter how bio-mechanical the condition.

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