Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is best and most utilized in our practice for treating chronic health situations. These chronic conditions tend to be those which are better treated with natural, alternative medicine than with modern drug/surgery medicine. Often, using Chinese herbal medicine, we can actually fully resolve these conditions, and this is always our goal. The following are some of the major areas where Chinese herbal medicine shines:

* Arthritis and arthritic conditions

* Digestive conditions, including Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.

* Gynecological situations, including endometriosis, PMS, etc., as well as menopause

* Asthma, bronchitis, and other chronic respiratory/sinus ills

* Chronic liver/gallbladder conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosts, jaundice, gout, etc.

* Chronic kidney/bladder/genito-urinary conditions–including stones–as well as acute infections

* Chronic insomnia and/or anxiety

* Support for cancer therapy

* Immune disorders such as constantly getting colds and flus, as well as auto-immune disorders such as fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are thousands of Chinese herbs. These herbs have been in use for a 4,000 year history (at least). The administration of these herbs is both an art and a science. The approach to using herbs in Chinese herbal medicine follows a logical paradigm about how imbalances are created and in what order they should be resolved. This is known as treatment strategy.

Many of the herbal formulas are designed for a set of symptoms which are commonly found in specific diseases. Typically there are a few possible pathways for a disease to come about. It is the practitioner’s job to discern what dynamic is occurring in a particular patient in order to devise an effective strategy. The practitioner then must continually monitor progress to determine at what point it is necessary to modify the treatment, taper the dosage, or conclude the therapy.

There have been great advances in Chinese medicine with the use of data collection from clinical trials to inform us of the most effective treatments, and in the development of modern formulas for modern diseases. These are diseases which result from the faulty diets and uniquely modern lifestyles of many of our patients. Chinese medicine continues to evolve every moment…it is a living and growing form of medicine.

Online Herbal Consultation

Some people are unable to come into our office. You may be disabled; you may be out of state; So we offer online herbal consultations for those 20150423_154839people. Online herbal therapy consists of an online or phone consultation and either a standard herbal formula or a custom herbal formula, along with any relevant suggestions for diet and other home remedies. The herbal formula(s) can be picked up from the clinic or mailed to your home by request. Once you have the formula your progress is monitored through weekly emails. You can call 480-389-9030 for more information or book a consultation online.

We offer online Chinese herbal therapy for issues warranting the services of a qualified Chinese herbalist. This service is a valuable alternative for anyone who does not have time or access to an in-person office visit. At North Scottsdale Acupuncture, we have been providing our patients with custom and pre-made herbal formulas for many years, with outstanding success.  With the current changes taking place in healthcare, there is great value in having one practitioner looking at the individual holistically. We will observe and record your initial intake and current symptoms in a secure patient file. Whenever you return to us for current or future therapy, we will have a record of your results and progress and any developing conditions that you inform us about. The herbal formula that we create for you, its actions and expected results will be explained clearly, and there will be online support provided for you. The process is simple, and the results are amazing.

The herbal therapy that you receive can be in capsule or tea form. You can request one or the other. However, in some cases, a customized herbal formula is simply the best answer, and that is only available in powder form, which the patient will mix with water and drink as a tea. Many times very severe symptoms can be alleviated in a few days or weeks, without any side effects.

How the Online Consultation Process Works:

The consultation process is very simple. Click this link to go to the page containing the Online Herbal Consultation intake forms. Only go to the last form on the page–the one labeled “Online Herbal Therapy Intake Form”. Print this form, fill it out, and send it to us either by mail, email, or fax. In order for us to begin to work on your case, you will need to purchase the Online Herbal Consultation package found on our product page, which you can access by clicking here.

Once we receive your completed intake form and online order, we will contact you via email to set up a Skype or phone consultation time. Once the consultation is concluded, the practitioner will design an herbal formula prescription. We will ship the formula along with instructions usually within 3 business days. Your order includes a follow-up consultation. Based on the progress of your improvement and your long-term goals, you may decide to set up future consultations to address any other symptoms, issues, or health maintenance goals.

Skype? Or Phone?

We prefer to conduct our online herbal therapy intake and follow-up sessions via Skype. If you do not have Skype, it is simple to get. We will send you our Skype address via email. Being able to see you–at least via computer–can help a lot toward a more accurate and complete diagnosis. But if you only wish to speak via telephone, that is OK. Just let us know which you prefer. If you don’t have Skype, click here and follow the instructions to download it onto your computer.


All herbal products are accompanied with directions for use. North Scottsdale Acupuncture is not responsible for the misuse of any herbs, herb products, or advice. Nor do we recommend herbs in place of your doctor’s recommendations or prescriptions. All information and products are to be used ONLY AS DIRECTED. Do not combine herbal remedies with pharmaceutical drugs unless you have consulted your physician. Keep herbs out of reach of children and pets, and do not use them during pregnancy or lactation.

Important Notice:

All sales are final as these products cannot be resold after leaving the clinic. Please ask questions before you purchase. We offer support of a Certified Herbalist after purchase.