Latest Weight Loss Protocol

It has been understood for quite some years now that the basic way to lose weight and keep it off, which means through shifting the metabolism into a healthier state, is by combining a moderate to high protein intake with eating lots of vegetables and relatively little starch. In terms of starch intake, this protocol is sometimes divided into two main stages: the first stage with virtually no starch intake other than that which is pretty much unavoidable; and then the second stage, with a somewhat higher starch intake.

There is an underlying purpose to this regimen. The body burns two things for energy and two things only: sugar and fat. And the important thing about this is that each person’s body either emphasizes burning sugar or burning fat. When we consume a high amount of sugars, the body keys to burning sugars, which means that the fats in our diet are left relatively untouched, and thus stored (around our middle somewhere!) in gradually increasing quantities. And all any starch is chemically is a series of sugars strung together. If instead, fat predominates in the dietary intake over sugar, then the body emphasizes burning its fats, and thus fat does not accumulate in the body’s storage cells. And it takes three to four weeks of depriving the body of ┬ásugar/starch intake as much as one can stand in order to convert a body from keying to burning sugar over to keying to burning fat. Once this is accomplished, then starch may be reintroduced into the diet in moderate fashion.

Now, science has come to see that doing not only the above, but also upping the fiber intake as far as reasonably possible, will more quickly and thoroughly make a body shift to fat-burning mode, and thus accelerate the combined health benefits and weight loss of this overall weight-loss protocol. Turning the body into a “fat-burning machine” causes the proper regulation of the hormonal system, including insulin and a less prominent but at least as important hormone known as leptin, which–among many other things–has everything to do with how much and when we feel hungry. In any case, the real trick to weight loss is to do it through making oneself healthier.

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