Avoid Flu Season Early, Before It Really Begins

It is an annual fact that in every early January in America, the flu season starts, or starts to really take off. Why is this the case? You could say that it’s the weather, but most places in this country have already been thoroughly cold and snowy for quite some time prior to early January. And the flu season begins or gets going strong at the same time in southern Arizona, which is hardly wintry compared to elsewhere. (Just ask a snowbird, or anyone from Buffalo: they will laugh scornfully at our winter.)
Is it not more likely that we experience a post-Holidays reaction? We have not only been tending to indulge in way more sweets and alcohol then we usually do; we have also tended to stress about Christmas in all the ways we so often do.

Now, is it likely that we will indulge less, or stress less, no matter what advice we get? The chances are slim, and who wants to be a party pooper anyway? But something we can all do is to deliberately schedule in some quiet time for ourselves—as much as we reasonably can, even if it takes a shoe horn to make it fit for us. And then stick to that plan! Winter is the time when Nature quiets down, and we are part of Nature and its ways. And even though—in some ways—southern Arizona works a bit backwards for us seasonally, winter here is still a time which contains an element of annual rest and recuperation.

Flus and colds always hit us when we have over-extended ourselves and are, therefore, somehow worn out. Thus, Nature forces us to stop or slow down and refresh ourselves by invading our weakened immune systems until we must take a break. So, give yourself some judicious breaks during our wintry high-stress Holiday time, and odds are that you will either avoid the usual colds or flus, or else experience them with a distinctly lessened severity.

We also have our winter herbal kits available for sale from our website to help you in dealing with winter’s chills and fevers. The winter herbal kit has a thoughtful assortment of Chinese herbal formulas, some of which are intended to prevent winter illness, and some of which are to help if winter gets the better of us, along with detailed instructions on how to use the kit to optimum advantage. No one understands herbs in such a practical and personally useful way as the Chinese and those who have studied their herbal methods. Our experience for many years now is that the best thing anyone can do to avoid flus and colds is a combination of proper rest and Chinese herbal formula fortification.

You’ll be glad you did. Especially when your sick friends and relatives are jealous of you for having fun while they’re not, and you get to act all wise and knowing. Because you are. So please be wise and book an appointment online by