Research Helps Explain How Acupuncture Works

We recently came across a 2014 article on the Web which spoke about some very interesting acupuncture research. This research focused on a single acupuncture point on the leg, and researchers found something remarkable happening. They said that manually stimulating an acupuncture needle in this point caused the down-regulation of M1 macrophages, which are pro-inflammatory white blood cells, as well as the up-regulation of M2 macrophages, which are anti-inflammatory whit blood cells. As a result, the acupuncture reduced pain and swelling.

The article addressed this phenomenon as “the way acupuncture works”, which may be over-stating the case. This is at least one way in which acupuncture functions. In historical experience, acupuncture is able to perform so many varying tasks in the body that it seems difficult to believe that it does all these things through a single mechanism of action, bio-medically speaking, even though inflammation is so importantnsa-acupuncture-page-image. But at least we now have some new hard scientific evidence to support modern science’s validation of acupuncture.

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