Back Pain

Overall, back pain of one sort or another is the most common reason that people go to alternative practitioners for treatment. And no one has as good a track record at successfully relieving back pain as acupuncturists.

Much, though not all, of back pain is related to pressure on the nerves. Virtually all nerve pain is actually and ultimately due to acutely or chronically tight, shortened (spasmed or “scrunched”) muscles. Most of the rest of back pain is due simply to pain in tight, tense back muscles, without any pressure on spinal nerves. Nothing helps muscles relax and regain their former length, along with their relatively flat smoothness and functionality, as well as acupuncture does. And most of the time, the results begin to happen right away, often within moments of the needle insertions.

People commonly visit chiropractors to get relief from back pain, and this does very often help. But simply putting bones back where they belong is never enough, because tight muscles will simply pull them out of place again. This is why many chiropractors also do some acupuncture. However, their training in needling is almost always very minimal in comparison to that of licensed acupuncturists. But also, nothing helps chiropractic adjustments take and hold as well as receiving professional acupuncture during the course of chiropractic treatments, especially when the acupuncture is done just prior to the adjustments.

Acupuncture is best-known for its value in pain relief, and truly, no kind of pain is usually as amenable to our treatments as is back pain, whether it be sciatica, lumbo-sacral pain, or mid- or upper-back pain, or whether the pain is primarily oriented to muscle or nerve. Most back pain cases are low-back pain presentations. This is almost always due to acute or chronic tightness and tension in the piriformis, quadratus lumborum, or ilio-psoas muscles, or, most often, some combination of these muscles being tightened and tense together. But even when vertebrae or the padding between vertebrae are thoroughly out of place, decayed or even broken open, acupuncture almost always helps relieve the associated pain and discomfort, which is fairly amazing but nonetheless true.

There is another aspect to pain—and for whatever reason, especially back and neck pain—which is not widely understood. Without going into lengthy explanation, a peculiar aspect of muscle pain can allow it to be relieved by chiropractic, physical therapy, massage or other commonly-used methods—even including acupuncture by those not fully trained—only to have it reappear months or years later for no apparent reason. And when this happens, the previous treatment methods—which worked before—now do not. As far as we know, only professionally-trained acupuncture is able to address the whys and wherefores of this situation, and to either prevent this situation from occurring in the first place, or to relieve the pain if and when it does re-occur.

At North Scottsdale Acupuncture, we have treated back pain more than we have treated anything else, and our success rate is virtually one-hundred percent. If you have back pain—whether acute or chronic, new or old—you will know that you are in good hands at our clinic. When you want to make an appointment, you can do so by