Microcurrent Electro Acupuncture Pain Treatment

What is microccurent?

Microcurrent is a general term for electrical pulses emitted from a machine used to have an effect on human tissue. There are many variations on the microcurrent unit ranging from very simple machines that have only one frequency to machines that can have frequencies that range from 0.1 hz to 10,0000 hz. The current is measured in millionths of an amp, as opposed to electrical stimulation which is measured in thousands of an amp and has a totally different effect on the body. There is growing evidence that microcurrent is superior to electrical stimulation because it can target specific tissues in the body, have specific effects on the tissues, and it does not block ATP production. A great deal of scientific research has and currently is going on to identify casino games and master the specific frequencies that have measurable  and reproducible effects.

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation is a very popular natural facial toning and lifting procedure and this is where much of the attention to microcurrent goes. However, I can attest that the use of microcurrent to augment acupuncture has been phenomenal in my clinic. Patients are able to walk out the door with a fraction of the pain that they came in with and the effect seems to be that the microcurrent extends the benefit of the acupuncture treatment so that there is more progress made between treatments when they are used together.

Microcurrent is a subtle, sub-sensory therapy that has dramatic effects. A 10 second application of microcurrent can change the shape of a muscle as in the facial rejuvenation procedure. It is literally possible to say that the face can be sculpted back into form. A variety of techniques can be applied to the body to remove blockages similar to the way that acupuncture does. The machine we use at North Scottsdale Acupuncture has the ability to administer a sequence of frequencies that can have healing affects on internal organs as well.

How does it work?

The therapy is really focused on the frequencies used to treat specific areas of the body. The techniques used are the key to a successful outcome. As an acupuncturist I am able to tap into the complex network of acupuncture channels to add microcurrent energy to the body’s own energy which may be depleted or blocked. It is also possible to use the network to release trigger points, to reset the polarity of a nerve pathway and to balance neuro-endocrine centers. This means that the use of microcurrent is not limited to physical pain resolution but also deeper emotional pain can be treated as well. Many practitioners are now becoming aware that negative emotions can become energy blockages in a similar way to that of injury and chronic pain. Pain is pain when it comes down to it and this gentle method of healing can provide profound relief.

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Back Pain

Overall, back pain of one sort or another is the most common reason that people go to alternative practitioners for treatment. And no one has as good a track record at successfully relieving back pain as acupuncturists.

Much, though not all, of back pain is related to pressure on the nerves. Virtually all nerve pain is actually and ultimately due to acutely or chronically tight, shortened (spasmed or “scrunched”) muscles. Most of the rest of back pain is due simply to pain in tight, tense back muscles, without any pressure on spinal nerves. Nothing helps muscles relax and regain their former length, along with their relatively flat smoothness and functionality, as well as acupuncture does. And most of the time, the results begin to happen right away, often within moments of the needle insertions.

People commonly visit chiropractors to get relief from back pain, and this does very often help. But simply putting bones back where they belong is never enough, because tight muscles will simply pull them out of place again. This is why many chiropractors also do some acupuncture. However, their training in needling is almost always very minimal in comparison to that of licensed acupuncturists. But also, nothing helps chiropractic adjustments take and hold as well as receiving professional acupuncture during the course of chiropractic treatments, especially when the acupuncture is done just prior to the adjustments.

Acupuncture is best-known for its value in pain relief, and truly, no kind of pain is usually as amenable to our treatments as is back pain, whether it be sciatica, lumbo-sacral pain, or mid- or upper-back pain, or whether the pain is primarily oriented to muscle or nerve. Most back pain cases are low-back pain presentations. This is almost always due to acute or chronic tightness and tension in the piriformis, quadratus lumborum, or ilio-psoas muscles, or, most often, some combination of these muscles being tightened and tense together. But even when vertebrae or the padding between vertebrae are thoroughly out of place, decayed or even broken open, acupuncture almost always helps relieve the associated pain and discomfort, which is fairly amazing but nonetheless true.

There is another aspect to pain—and for whatever reason, especially back and neck pain—which is not widely understood. Without going into lengthy explanation, a peculiar aspect of muscle pain can allow it to be relieved by chiropractic, physical therapy, massage or other commonly-used methods—even including acupuncture by those not fully trained—only to have it reappear months or years later for no apparent reason. And when this happens, the previous treatment methods—which worked before—now do not. As far as we know, only professionally-trained acupuncture is able to address the whys and wherefores of this situation, and to either prevent this situation from occurring in the first place, or to relieve the pain if and when it does re-occur.

At North Scottsdale Acupuncture, we have treated back pain more than we have treated anything else, and our success rate is virtually one-hundred percent. If you have back pain—whether acute or chronic, new or old—you will know that you are in good hands at our clinic. When you want to make an appointment, you can do so by

Acupuncture For Sports Injury Treatments Improve Recovery Time

acupuncture for sports injuryIf you’re an active person that likes to play sports, then sports injuries are almost inevitable at some time in your life. Whether the injury is to muscles, tendons, ligaments, or it is spinal disc pathology, acupuncture can help speed the recovery time. If you’re looking at alternative healing methods like acupuncture for sports injury treatments, it’s proven to be helpful for many. Often times we have chronic pain that shows up again when we go back into the gym or start hiking outside again. These are the areas where acupuncture really shines as the best modality for rapid recovery. 

Let’s consider a few examples of sports injuries that could benefit from acupuncture:

  • Ankle pain from trail running injury
  • Knee injury from hiking or trail running
  • Cervical strain from roller coaster riding
  • Brachial tendonitis from weight lifting
  • Low back strain from weight lifting
  • Bulging disc from weight lifting
  • Tight trapezius muscles from excessive computer use
  • Wrist pain from over use of the mouse and keyboard
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive use injury
  • Elbow pain from long motorcycle rides or cycling

What causes the pain?

In acute injury the pain is due to pressure from swelling and inflammation on the tissues and nerves at the site of the injury. In chronic pain there are smaller blockages in the tiny branches off of the major blood vessels that feed the area. Sometimes there is tissue damage which impedes the clearing of old dead blood cells from the original trauma. Sometimes the original injury creates a weakness in the ligaments that causes continual re-injury. This is particularly true of ankle sprains, knee injuries, and lumbar sprains. Many times the patient has a story of when the area first hurt and then a chronicle of multiple reoccurrence over a period of many years. It is so great to take care of these problems once and for all so that we don’t wear out the body before it’s time.  [Read more…]

Foods With Anti Inflammatory Properties Help Control Summer Flair Ups

Foods With Anti Inflammatory PropertiesAuto immune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, MS, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases such as Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis are all conditions in which the body is so out of balance that normal functions of the immune system are hyperactive. This is tied to inflammation and anything that reduces inflammation will also relieve the symptoms and reduce the likelihood of flare-ups. This is also true for any type of inflammation, including inflammation of the arteries and even from physical trauma such as sports injury. All of these diseases have some form of pain, discomfort, or malaise that is due to inflammation. Which is why we’re talking about food with anti inflammatory properties to help with some pain that may be brought on by the summer season.  

Fact is, summer heat brings out inflammatory conditions. Auto immune conditions are mostly inflammatory in their manifestation. So, this is a great time of year to be looking at foods with anti inflammatory properties to help minimize the pain and damage caused by these flair ups. [Read more…]

Natural Pain Relief

natural pain relief remediesIn America today 60% of the population suffers from some form of chronic illness in which pain is almost always present. Acupuncture is a form of natural healing that has been in use for over 4000 years to treat pain of any origin. Chinese medicine and acupuncture  is also the most widely used form of medicine worldwide.

The World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health have endorsed acupuncture as a safe and effective therapy for over 40 illnesses including addictions, allergies, arthritis, asthma, back pain, depression, digestive disorders, endometriosis, headaches, heavy periods, insomnia, IBS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, painful periods, fibromyalgia, PMS, neuralgia, sciatica, sinusitis, skin issues, stroke and so many more. Click here to read testimonials from patients who have experienced relief from pain with acupuncture.

 What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a painless, highly effective method based on the Ancient Chinese system of meridians. These are the invisible channels through which the bio-electric energy current flows.

How does acupuncture resolve pain?

The paradigm of Chinese medicine is totally different from that of western medicine. In Chinese medicine we look at the body as a whole and we are mainly concerned with the whole body being in balance within itself and in harmony with the environmental factors. These include stress, work, family life, sleep patterns, seasonal changes, and so on. The list of possible disharmonies is infinite but the methodology is simple. When there is pain there is a disruption of one or more of the acupuncture meridians. When this flow is restored there will be no pain.

Most patients who receive acupuncture describe that when the needles are in they have zero pain. This can be true even if they come in with pain at a level of 10/10 on the pain scale. The goal of the treatment is to restore flow in the moment but also to create the conditions for the flow to last until the next treatment and eventually forever. This depends upon a number of factors including how long the condition has existed, the general health and resiliency of the patient and the patients’ willingness to make the recommended changes in lifestyle or diet. Once the conditions are met, the body will heal. The number of treatments required to get there varies.

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