Summer Diet & Garden Update

As you all know, I am a gardener. My small urban garden is essential as it is the canvas for my process of growth and understanding. Diet is the aspect of our lifestyle that has the greatest impact on our health and the garden provides the clues about what we should be eating at any given time.


Beyond eating out of season, which we all do sometimes, there are many dieting fads circulating right now. For every research article you find that promotes one type of eating there is another article that completely contradicts it. When in doubt, I always return to the enduring and truly ancient Chinese medicine principles of balance, moderation, and harmony with the cycles of nature.

Chinese medicine has its roots in Taoism. Taoism is about living our lives respective of the ways and laws of the natural world. We modify our behavior to harmonize ourselves with the natural cycles of change that occur around us. We also consider the impact of our choices on the whole. The main changes we are looking at are the change212 of seasons, stages of life, and states of health.

The whole process is completely logical. In summer, living in a very hot and dry climate, we want to eat the foods that balance these extremes. If we want to be in harmonious balance with nature right now we should be eating foods in season, lots of juicy fresh fruits and vegetables, mostly raw foods, or lightly cooked foods through steaming or quick sauté. Avoid dry and baked foods in summer.

Right now the spring garden is being harvested, tomatoes, beans, tons of basil, zucchini, cucumbers, and mint. Growing forward, the only things that you can plant in June is Armenian or Asian cucumbers and  melons, well okay, okra but even I can’t go that far….

Anyway, Happy June Everyone!

Gardening in the New Age


The Autumn Equinox

Patio Garden

We are approaching the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd, at 7:29pm here in Phoenix, AZ. This marks the beginning of a new cycle in the garden, and for me, a new cycle in my personal development. I am just now making my private garden a public creation to share, inspire, and, motivate a conscious evolution in anyone who is interested. The Garden provides a wonderful metaphor for all the creative processes of life and humankind. We plant the seed of an idea, we nurture that idea and it germinates. Gradually, and in its own time, it grows into something beautiful and eventually it bears fruit. After the harvest, we begin a new cycle. This is the Autumn Equinox.


Why garden?

Do you know the difference between fresh-from-the-garden produce and commercially raised produce? Do you know that most of the produce we buy is picked long before we ever see it in the store and long before it is ripe? The sun ripening the fruit creates the sweetness and nutrient density of the fruit or vegetable. Most produce is artificially ripened and is not nearly as vitalized as home grown food. The difference is extraordinary, remember?

Humankind and Nature have been disconnected for quite some time now. We did not know how special that connection was and some of us are now rediscovering what was lost. In our Egoic attempt to master Nature we denied ourselves the nurture of Nature’s beauty, vitality, teachings, cycles, not to mention high quality nutrition. In the absence of all this we easily forget about these things. We took them for granted and we did not understand how valuable it was.  When you encounter authentic vitality, if you are awake and looking through the eyes of your Spirit-self, you can see it. You can see it in the Light in someone’s eyes, you can taste it in fresh Garden food, you can find it within yourself. The Autumn Equinox can represent our regeneration and re-entry into the Spiritualized world of Nature. Here in AZ we have an abundance of sun light and we can garden all year round, yet most people seem to think you can’t garden here.

Why the “New Age”?

Tower Garden

I call this the New Age for many reasons. First, it is a new cycle, which began in the year 2000 but that is  along story, not a topic for now.  I call this the New Age because humankind has reached a turning point in our relationship to Nature and the Cosmos. In Science we are gaining knowledge that changes our understanding of ourselves in relation to the Universe. Our consciousness expands when we realize that how big the Cosmos is. This can serve our expansion but only if we actively engage in seeking Truth and Understanding.

I also call this the New Age because we have a new motivation to garden. Through gardening we re-spiritualize the earth, ourselves, and our nourishment. We also want to look at doing this in new ways. Specifically here in AZ, the traditional in-the-ground garden does not work but there are new methods that make great use of that bright and ever present sunlight. My garden is on the South West corner of my home and I just create shade. There is no reason not to grow your own food or visit your local Farmer’s Market to eat truly vitalized food. Many of us are suffering from the absence of Nature in our lives. Yet there are many simple ways to bring it back into our lives.


Genesa Crystal

So, I invite you to set an intention for this new cycle. Plant the idea for a new creative project and nurture the seed. I will post regular photos of the Garden as it grows and you are welcome to comment and share your own new development.




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