Stay Cool with Chinese Herbs

As we all know, the torrid, oven-like heat of summer is fast approaching. Knowing a few simple things from Chinese herbal wisdom can do more than you might think to help keep you cool inside, while it is so very hot outside. For millennia, the Chinese have traditionally practiced using these herbs and herbal foods during the summer months, especially in southern China. There are actually many natural herbs and related ways that you can make use of to stay cool in a hot summer, but for simplicity’s sake we will focus on two of them.

chrysanthemumChrysanthemum flower makes a wonderful, fragrant, refreshing tea. Among its many benefits is its ability to cool the inner body. Chrysanthemum tea has long been one of the mainstays of China’s efforts to weather the summer heat. You may obtain it through North Scottsdale Acupuncture or through Chinese stores in this area. You just take a teaspoon or so of the dried, somewhat broken-up flowers and steep them as you would any other tea. For a more intense effect, you just double the amount of herb you use to make the tea. You can find out more about chrysanthemum and its cooling and other benefits by clicking on this link.

Mung beans have been the other great part of the Chinese actions toward natural summer internal
mung-porridge2 cooling. The main way this has been done is through mung bean soup. You can actually make mung bean tea by using mung bean powder. This is not easy to obtain in these parts, but you can try if you wish, and we will try to help you if you ask. To see a recipe for mung bean soup, please click on this link.


Stovetop Super-Supplement

There is a way to make your own vitamin super-supplement which is simply a byproduct of cooking up some very tasty, healthy vegetables for you and yours. And this supplement will outperform almost anything you can buy at any vitamin store or health food store vitamin section. And it won’t cost you much either.

Experts have stated that the most nutritious of all vegetables is none other than the lowly collard greens. Now, collard greens by themselves taste all right to most people, but that’s all that most will say about them. But if you boil up some collard greens mixed with red chard, along with some reasonably significant amount of butter or oil, then the taste equation improves greatly. And if you add some other vegetables to the mix—such as onion, garlic, ginger, potato, carrot, what-have-you, along with your chosen spices—then the taste starts becoming truly sublime.

A major element in why the taste gets so satisfying is that the nutrition level rises with the additions. The main thing that increases the nutrition level of collard greens—and indeed any vegetable—is the addition of butter, oil, or anything which contains healthy fats. These natural fats contain relatively large amounts of the fat-soluble vitamins A and D, which are crucial in the assimilation of water-soluble vitamins such as C and the B group, as well as being critical in assimilating minerals. Vegetables contain high levels of the water-soluble vitamins, but are low in the fat-soluble vitamins needed to make them go into and stay within our cells. This is why green drinks—for example—amount to expensive urine without also simultaneously ingesting some kind of fat, especially animal fats such as butter.

So if you brew up the above vegetables and additions—and you may need to allow the collard greens, if they are the more fibrous kind, to cook awhile before adding the chard, though not always—you will have a very nutritious and satisfyingly tasty meal. But what you will also have is the leftover water, which is now a Super-Supplement! Whatever you do, don’t throw this water away. Drink some of this super-juice with or after your meal, and/or in the morning after storing it in the fridge overnight.
And then see if you’ve ever taken into your body anything in your life which so quickly and so thoroughly and healthily makes your cells start dancing!