Garden Update

It is time to plan the Autumn garden. There are so many things you can grow even in pots on your patio. This year is supposed to be an El Nino year so it may be the best opportunity to have an easy garden, that gets plenty of water. You can also purchase a simple irrigation kit from Home Depot that hooks right up to a hose bib and is a cinch to put together.

212If you plant in pots, I recommend that you plant shallow rooted greens and lettuces. These are so easy to plant and maintain, especially for a new gardener.

This year I am doing something new. I placed my standing boxes inside of a small raised bed so that the drainage from the standing gardens would water the flats below. The shade proved by the standing boxes helps the gardens below, especially for delicate salad greens.

In the standing gardens I am growing cucumbers and peas which will climb up the pea trellis (cucumbers need a little help), and this will save space as well as present a beautiful wall of vegetation that I can see from the kitchen doors everyday. It takes time to work out what vegetables can be grown in a given space but this garden proves that you can have a garden just about anywhere, if you have enough determination and creative spirit. I will update with a photo when the season is in full bloom but, for example, you can see below how the pea trellis worked with these Morning Glories.

Enjoy your gardens!


Emotions and Physical Health


We are human because we have hearts and souls. We encounter the challenges we have in life because we are meant to learn life lessons and grow from these challenges. Chinese medicine recognizes and honors this fact. Our diagnosis and treatment approach allows us to see what is going on both in the physical and emotional/spiritual levels. Nothing ever happens in the one that doesn’t happen in the other. And we all now know–due to Einstein and his colleagues–that energy and matter are one and the same.

It is well known that people will often have emotions and memories tucked away into some physical tissue somewhere in their body, with the memories and feelings coming to consciousness when that part of the body is properly worked on and freed up. Sometimes when people are going through a detoxification process, they will re-experience the emotions they were having when they ingested some substance which is now coming out of them.

Chinese medicine understands which emotions resonate with which parts of the body, and with which organs and acupuncture channels. Thus, we practitioners know which emotional roots to a condition are in play according to which channels, organs, and body parts are affected. And the emotions which come up in taking the history and in treatment invariably correspond accordingly. And there are always emotional causative factors involved, no matter how bio-mechanical the condition.

body-mind-connectionYou can find further information and insights on this subject through the following links:



3. https//

New Online Appointment Booking Service–MyTime

We have a new provider for online booking of appointments. Many of you have booked appointments online on GenBook. This has been our service provider for online appointments for some time. However, we recently changed over to MyTime, and GenBook is being retired. You can book online through this website as before. The button will now just take you to a different interface. For those of you who may wish to go directly to the booking interface yourself, you can go to

MyTime, by the way, is more than just a booking service for business people. You can go on their site and browse for vendors of services and products. If you would like, you can see the new booking service, and book an appointment online here.

Nancy’s Velvety Spinach Soup Recipe

Nancy’s version of Velvety Spinach Soup:

1 quart of fresh baby spinach, packed

3 tbsp chopped onion 2 tbsp coconut oil

Heat oil and sauté onions until translucent, add spinach or other greens and sauté until wilted

In blender:

1 15-oz can of black beans

12-oz Organic beef broth

12-oz coconut milk

1 tbsp curry

Dash of cumin

Dash of cinnamon

Spinach and onions

*If you have digestive distress you can add one Umeboshi Plum (“Japanese Alka-seltzer”)

Blend on soup setting

What is great about this recipe?

Coconut oil – antiinflammatory

Coconut milk – nondairy healthy fat to give the soup a silky smooth texture

Black beans are tonic to the Kidneys according to Chinese medicine

Curry – antiinflammatory

Beef broth is an overall strengthening food and contains B12

Finally – the flavor is truly delicious!

If you want to sample more good things from Nancy Brem, L.Ac., book an appointment online.

Acupuncture for Endometriosis

acupuncture for endometriosisEach time I get a new patient with endometriosis I wonder if they will get relief and they always do. I am always amazed at how quickly
patients get results even though the severity of their pain is so extreme.

I have seen women come in to the office fighting back tears and then say that the pain has gone from 10/10 to at 1 or 2 on the pain scale
after the insertion of the needles. Women who follow the recommendations and advice for reliving the pain at home get better even faster. Why does acupuncture work so well?

There are a number of reasons, in my opinion, why women get rapid results with acupuncture, from so debilitating a condition, when nothing else seems to work. First, acupuncture treats pain. Western science has shown that acupuncture releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. Second, acupuncture has the ability to relax the tightened ligaments in the pelvis which all endo sufferers have. Third, acupuncture, over time, reduces scar tissue which impedes the flow of Qi and Blood. Whenever there is impeded Blood flow there is pain (capitalization denotes that the concept of this word is different in Chinese medicine than in Western medicine).

 There is another really important factor in the healing of any chronic illness and that is to root out and heal the underlying emotional cause of the condition. For women with endometriosis there is always a conflict between her role as career woman or a social entity and her desire to nurture (a baby, a business, a relationship). There is always some conflict between nurturing and competition in society. [Read more…]