Microcurrent Electro Acupuncture Pain Treatment

What is microccurent?

Microcurrent is a general term for electrical pulses emitted from a machine used to have an effect on human tissue. There are many variations on the microcurrent unit ranging from very simple machines that have only one frequency to machines that can have frequencies that range from 0.1 hz to 10,0000 hz. The current is measured in millionths of an amp, as opposed to electrical stimulation which is measured in thousands of an amp and has a totally different effect on the body. There is growing evidence that microcurrent is superior to electrical stimulation because it can target specific tissues in the body, have specific effects on the tissues, and it does not block ATP production. A great deal of scientific research has and currently is going on to identify casino games and master the specific frequencies that have measurable  and reproducible effects.

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation is a very popular natural facial toning and lifting procedure and this is where much of the attention to microcurrent goes. However, I can attest that the use of microcurrent to augment acupuncture has been phenomenal in my clinic. Patients are able to walk out the door with a fraction of the pain that they came in with and the effect seems to be that the microcurrent extends the benefit of the acupuncture treatment so that there is more progress made between treatments when they are used together.

Microcurrent is a subtle, sub-sensory therapy that has dramatic effects. A 10 second application of microcurrent can change the shape of a muscle as in the facial rejuvenation procedure. It is literally possible to say that the face can be sculpted back into form. A variety of techniques can be applied to the body to remove blockages similar to the way that acupuncture does. The machine we use at North Scottsdale Acupuncture has the ability to administer a sequence of frequencies that can have healing affects on internal organs as well.

How does it work?

The therapy is really focused on the frequencies used to treat specific areas of the body. The techniques used are the key to a successful outcome. As an acupuncturist I am able to tap into the complex network of acupuncture channels to add microcurrent energy to the body’s own energy which may be depleted or blocked. It is also possible to use the network to release trigger points, to reset the polarity of a nerve pathway and to balance neuro-endocrine centers. This means that the use of microcurrent is not limited to physical pain resolution but also deeper emotional pain can be treated as well. Many practitioners are now becoming aware that negative emotions can become energy blockages in a similar way to that of injury and chronic pain. Pain is pain when it comes down to it and this gentle method of healing can provide profound relief.

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Acupuncture Needles Are Nothing to Fear

acupunctureA recent study has shown that 65 percent of Americans polled say they are afraid of being needled. This is understandable given the usual experience of needling, which is often quite painful. However, having acupuncture needles inserted is a very different and a much less trying experience than the vast majority of needling.

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin compared to nearly all hypodermic injection needles. After all, there is no need for there to be any hollow center to acupuncture needles for fluids to pass through. Also, injection needles are cut at their tips to a slanted angle, which allows them to tear into veins. Acupuncture needles, on the other hand, are beveled to a central point, like sewing pins. This allows acupuncture needles to ride through tissue without tearing. And this is what renders acupuncture comfortable. At worst, most people experience no more pain with the insertion of an acupuncture needle than they would from a mosquito bite. And acupuncture needles are sterilized and are always disposed of after one use.

The main kind of feeling that people get from acupuncture is an experience of the sensations of qi being contacted and moved from the point of needle insertion throughout the acupuncture channels. This set of sensations can be very difficult to describe in words, but they are virtually all pleasant, or at least not unpleasant, and the outcome is virtually always a feeling of increased relaxation and well-being. Acupuncture needling and the qi sensations may be an experience which you have never felt before, but there is nothing bad about it; most people find it completely relaxing.

So being needled with acupuncture is nothing to fear. People have been having it done for thousands of years in China and the Orient, and nowadays all over the world. It is, in fact, one of the easiest of all medically-related procedures to take. The experience of acupuncture is something that everyone should have, for the purpose of discovering the magic which lies within our bodies, that we don’t access any other way. If you wish to experience this magic, contact North Scottsdale Acupuncture at 480-389-9030. Or you can book an appointment online here.