Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Digestive Health

First of all, Chinese medicine as a general approach to health care focuses on treating everyone on two levels. The idea is always to resolve symptoms and complaints while simultaneously working to heal their cause, or causes. Some chronic digestive ills are considered incurable by Western medicine. Chinese medicine does not go along with this. It is our experience that real, lasting improvement can always be made with any digestive difficulty. Chinese medicine has a unique perspective on how the body nourishes itself. This perspective allows us to fashion treatment plans for the digestive system which thus can work dramatically well at resolving even the most intractable cases.

One of the great joys of those working in our field is when we are able to help patients avoid surgery. Gastro-intestinal surgeries, including gallbladder operations, can very often be rendered unnecessary. IF you take the initiative and give us a chance. Nancy Brem has experienced Crohn’s disease in full force. This is one of those digestive ills considered incurable by Western medicine. Nancy no longer has Crohn’s disease. She rid herself of it through the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

You can take advantage of the same kind of expertise, health care ability and knowledge base. Why suffer any longer? Your entire alimentary canal can be revamped, rejuvenated and restored with Chinese medicine. We know how to address every issue that digestive tracts can throw at us, and we enjoy the opportunity to do so. This is because our medicine is usually so very effective at relieving digestive problems and healing their causes. You will usually begin feeling better right away, with more and better energy. Most of our energy comes to us via our digestive tracts, so the better they work, the more energy we have.

ID-100279752Normally though, digestive issues take at least three months of regular treatment to resolve properly. It is not an overnight thing. But as stated above, you should feel better quickly, and continue to gradually improve. This is how you know that you really are getting better, in a way that will stay with you. In nearly every digestive-issue case, our regimen for you will consist of acupuncture treatments—probably weekly, at least at first—combined with the Chinese herbal formulas best suited for your condition. We will give you these formulas in capsule or loose granule form, easy to take.

If you have a significant digestive problem and would like help with it, book online now. Your digestive system will be glad you did. Or, if you can’t come into the office, you can get an online herbal consultation and treatment by clicking here.