Acupuncture for Cancer Support


Support for Cancer Therapy

Acupuncture is widely accepted as an effective tool for pain control without the side effects of narcotic drugs. Acupuncture for cancer support is becoming an excepted integrative therapy for cancer sufferers. The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture writes about the specific uses of acupuncture in cancer therapy in the following article:

Patients can receive acupuncture at the same time that they are receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In my practice I have seen many patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and cancer after-care. These patients do very well in all stages with acupuncture and herbal medicines. There are a number of herbal medicines which can support the immune system but do not interfere with cancer drugs prescribed by oncologists. Cancer after-care drugs can be prescribed for as long as five years and frequently cause debilitating joint and muscle pain and other unwanted side-effects. These can be reduced or eliminated with acupuncture alone.

It is widely accepted even in the western medical community that acupuncture speeds healing and is a valuable tool in hastening recovery from surgeries and traumatic injury. Most patients also report a generalized sense of well being as a result of having acupuncture. Side-effects from cancer therapies include severe, painful nausea and vomiting which is also easily ameliorated by acupuncture. If you have a loved one suffering unwanted side effects, help spread the word – acupuncture works!